Who Is JD?

Creativity has always taken many forms for me, I just never really knew where it would lead. I started drawing in my early years, then explored photography, pottery, calligraphy, and music as I got older. Now my creative tools are increasing even further as a professional videographer, graphic designer and photographer, and my experiences and artistic vision keep expanding.

In 1989, I took a leap of faith... a literal leap: I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane (I was so scared, I literally blacked out and went unconscious). Little did I know, I fell in love with the sport and now have over 600 skydives. The feeling of hovering with eight or sixteen of your friends (while falling 120mph), was pure love. When skydiving I experienced an exhilarating freedom I can never find on solid ground. The only thing that comes close is a motorcycle ride on the open road.

I moved to Chicago to attend the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 1995. I spent three years at this school and in this city, and it deeply shaped who I am today: a creative professional who loves to explore the possibilities which helps to improve the details of my client's projects.

I've worked with top companies, in different industries since graduating SAIC, but in 2007, I was honored to work as the Packaging Production Manager for one of the top wineries in the entire United States. Taking responsibility for 40 brands of wine labels, corks, capsules, and shippers imbued me with valuable artistic and detailed skills.

After over 11 years at Chateau Ste. Michelle, I was ready to spread my wings and  fulfill a creative calling. So in 2018 I started my own creative brand marketing company to share my expertise and passion with businesses looking for more visibility and brand recognition.

Today, I am free to take advantage of the tools and techniques  I have learned throughout my life in videography, graphic design, and photography. I provide each client with a personalized plan to present the brand and the message they want to communicate. 

I love what I do. I love the clients I work with, and I love to learn, grow, and be a resource for my clients. Without you, I would be sitting bored in a corner. Let’s get to work on bringing your vision to life!